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I specialize in providing effective, custom-developed Human Resource consulting services to small and medium-size organizations. I provide guidance in talent acquisition, delicate employee issues, policy development, and training. Throughout my career, I have been relied upon for my strong management skills, employee relations expertise, excellent organizational abilities, and an eye for detail. As a dedicated professional with the initiative, foundation, and skills to excel, I can make a vital contribution to the realization of your company's unique goals.

  • Highly skilled in Employee Recruitment and Selection, Employee Relations, EEO, ADA, FMLA laws and regulations, wage and hour issues, and Safety/Workers Compensation

  • Extensive experience in employment policies and procedures development and implementation

  • Vast background with progressive/corrective actions, grievances, unemployment hearings, and management of employee relations issues

  • Thorough understanding of ERISA laws and regulations surrounding employee compensation and benefits

  • Solid experience with regional training to management, supervisory, and line staff

Corporate America spends millions of dollars every year to ensure that their employment policies and practices are cutting edge. They hire teams of full-time Human Resources professionals and corporate attorneys to keep their business safe from attack. Smaller companies, however, don't typically have that luxury.

Instead, it's the untrained Office Manager who finds him or herself handling the HR functions and responsibilities that no one else wants or has time for -- recruiting and onboarding new employees, creating employee files, writing job descriptions, developing policies, or monitoring benefits. Even with the best intentions, the Office Manager could very well be setting up the company for trouble. And then one day, the owner or a senior manager attends an attorney-lead seminar which causes him to be extremely concerned about the complexities and potential dangers of not complying with federal and state labor codes.

And that's were I come in.

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